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AGA Repair and Servicing

AGA heat-storage cookers have taken pride of place at the heart of family life ever since 1922. Your AGA cooker will reward you with incredible food, warmth and a cooking area that is the heart of your house. In return, all it requires is a little love and attention now and then. 

AGA Service Engineers

We have a passion for AGA country style ovens. It is crucial to have your AGA heat-storage cooker serviced frequently. This is to ensure that it performs like a dream, morning, noontime and night. Our AGA service engineers are the most experienced in Cornwall.

By having your AGA cooker serviced by our Engineers you could guarantee that the parts used are the highest quality. The experienced engineer working with your stove is thoroughly trained and has been fixing these cookers for over 20 years. Nobody knows more than us about how to get the most from an AGA cooker.

AGA service cost

Maintenance and servicing are essential to keep your AGA cooker in good working condition. We offer the best AGA service cost in Cornwall. Ask us today for a quotation.

When should I get my AGA cooker serviced? 

Each model of cooker has recommendations on when a service ought to be executed; AGA uses the following as a guide:

  • Gas Dual Control: Annually
  • City60: Every 2.5 years
  • Gas-Fired AGA Heat-Storage cooker: Annually
  • Electric Dual Control: Every 2.5 years
  • AGA Total Control: very 2.5 years
  • Oil-Fired AGA Heat-Storage:  Every six months

AGA service near me

Reconditioned Ranges cover AGA maintenance and repair in Cornwall. As a result of the customer recommendations, we are very popular in the area. So we recommend that you book well ahead of time for maintenance or repair.